We build apps

🤳 Moon Tips

This app helps you live in harmony with nature and brings your life back in balance. Planning aligned with natural forces promotes well-being and enhances awareness of body rhythms.


This “set & forget” app sends push notifications with updates on the latest COVID-19 cases in the selected area. Select a county, enable notifications, and you’re all set!

We’re on Blockchain

Pay in cryptocurrency. Transparent. Safe.

Looks Good

We like what we do! We put a lot of effort into making things look good

Works Good

We are crazy about usability. Design is not only how it looks, design is how it works!

High Quality

We build things from scratch. And we make sure everything is polished and ready to go!

Ultra Responsive

Whether it’s an app or a responsive website, we make sure it’s ultra fluid

We survived one of the toughest economic periods in recent history and adapted to changing circumstances during the pandemic. We stand strong. And we will continue to stand still. We are committed to perfection and resilience. We are Indivitu.